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Making a Chocolate Shell Money Can Buy Happiness Essay

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> Line-up the 2 sides of the mold using bulldog or stationary clamps.  If your mold has nodules make sure they are aligned when clamping.  This will give you a nice even seam.  Make sure the clamps are close together or the chocolate will ooze out of the mold. >Pour the melted chocolate into the mold until it’s full.  Pour the chocolate back into your bowl of melted chocolate.  Use an angle edge spatula to help scrape the rim of the mold. You are making a thin layer. >Place mold upright in the freezer.  Let set 2-3 minutes and remove.  Do not leave in the freezer too long or it will crack. >Remove from freezer and let set at room temperature for about 5 minutes. Custom Writing 10 >Fill mold with chocolate again and pour out again. >Place mold in the freezer again.  This time you will leave it in until the chocolate looks dried and pulled away from the mold.  As freezer temperatures vary, this may be from 3-10 minutes. Is There A Website To Do My Homework >Remove from freezer and take off the clamps.  Carefully unmold your perfect chocolate shell. >Let stand at room temperature before filling and/or wrapping. Diversity In Education Essay >Stand back and rake in the compliments!!! Shakhnarovich G Learning Task Specific Similarity Phd Thesis Mit 2006