Chocolate Treasures has been family owned and operated since 1984. We are two generations working side by side with (much anticipated) cameo appearances by the third.

In 1982 Geri attended a chocolate making demonstration with a friend. It was love at first bite!!!. Making chocolate every night at home was a way of life. Pieces filled with caramels and cherries lined the counters. Molded pieces were made with pride. Friends and family couldn’t get enough of our beautiful and delicious treats. Our family mantra seemed to be… “time to make the chocolate.” Finding supplies locally was a challenge and many weekends were spent on “road trips” with Berny.


One evening in 1984 there was a beautiful dinner on the table. No chocolate in sight!!!! We all knew something big was going on. Did Geri wreck the car???? Was anyone sick???? What????

Geri took a long lunch that day and put a deposit on a storefront in the Mountain View section of Wayne. If she wanted to make chocolates at home…so would other people. Berny, of course, was supportive of his wife and Chocolate Treasures, a complete chocolate craft center, was born.

After 12 years in the corporate world, Beth decided to join the family business so that she may spend more time with her daughter, Shannon, then 5 years old. Working with my mom enabled me to never miss a school function, a sporting event or a picnic in the park. Always having a creative intuition like my mother, it was no surprise that I soon shared in my moms passion for helping people plan their chocolate events.

There is great hope for Shannon, the third generation, to one day share her own creative flair. Shannon is now a recent graduate of Montclair State University with a degree in Physical Education and Health.  In her spare time she coaches a U-16 girls travel softball team and loves to shop and eat sushi!

Geri’s son, Jeff, is only a phone call away whenever we need him. He is always a good sport and willing to help out.

We take great pride in our extensive inventory and have a knack for helping people realize their creative inner self. Geri and I are always on the lookout for different techniques to show people and often lay awake at night thinking of new ideas to share. We love watching people bring in their children and watching them grow up and then bring in children of their own. We laugh with our customers and yes, at times cry with them too.

We look forward to welcoming you into our chocolate making family.

Because after all at Chocolate Treasures…

Inspiration is Always FREE