Peanut Butter Cups

Rich, creamy and easy to make. *In a medium bowl mix together: 1 cup peanut butter—creamy or chunky 1 stick margarine-softened up to 1 lb confectioners sugar to taste   (it tastes creamier with less sugar and has a firmer texture …>> Read more

Basic Truffle Recipe

Everyone loves truffles.  The trouble with truffles is they are rarely shelf stable. When heavy cream and butter is used, they need to be refrigerated until used. The following recipe is very rich and may be stored at room temperature. …>> Read more

Barks & Clusters

*Melt one pound of Merckens wafers, milk dark or white, in a plastic microwave bowl on medium heat for 30 second intervals until melted. *Mix in 1 1/2 cups of a crunchy food product *Re-heat mixture in the microwave for …>> Read more

Candy Clay

Use to hand shape chocolate like you would use an edible play-doh. 14 oz Merckens wafers-melted 1/3 cup room temperature light corn syrup (Karo) To make:  Melt Merckens wafers in a plastic microwave safe bowl on medium for 30 second …>> Read more

White Trash

The legend of “White Trash” grows each time this recipe is shared. Allegedly, the owners of a small candy shop in the south came up with this concoction.  This highly addictive mix became so popular with the townspeople they couldn’t …>> Read more