Catholic Church And Prenuptial Agreements

But like many aspects of Catholicism, it tends to be more complicated and nuanced than it is generally understood. A marriage contract, as is generally understood, is an agreement made before the marriage on the terms of transaction for the division of property in the event of divorce. Such a marriage contract dilutes the life-long commitment of federal love. (CFFA, Getting Married in the Catholic Church, FAQs: here) Religion does not come to mind for most people when considering a marriage contract. However, religious principles have become an important factor in marriage contracts, as people consider a lifetime obligation to their economic partner and spouse. However, in most cases, prenups are a bad idea and can even call into question the very validity of the marriage. . The Church`s teaching is clear: marriage is permanent and requires an unconditional obligation. Consequently, canon 1102 of the Canonical Code states that “marriage subject to a condition about the future cannot be concluded effectively”.

For example, if a potential spouse says, “I will marry you if you approve, I receive half the fortune in the event of divorce,” that is what is at the heart of the Church`s view of marriage. According to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, while admitting that the use of marriage contracts has become more common in recent years, they see these agreements as a sign of immediate concern in the marriage preparation process. Jurisdictions are divided over whether or not a recall in the United States is a marriage contract. However, it is clear that marriage is extremely important to Muslims and divorce is reprehensible in religion…

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