Making a Chocolate Shell

You have seen them before.  The beautiful chocolate parfait cup filled with mousse or berries and whipped cream.  What about a chocolate shot glass to fill with liquors?  They are easy to make if you use the following instructions.

**Many of our molds are ready to make a hollow shell such as the classic square parfait cup.  Molds such as the martini glass or cornucopia need to be trimmed.  This is easy with a sharp pair of scissors.  Simply lay one half of the mold flat on your work surface.  Using a sharpie marker, draw a line around the perimeter of the mold leaving about 1/2” border around the cavity.  You may notice your mold has line-up nodules.  Do not cut these off.  If that means you will have a larger border…that’s ok.  In the case of the martini glass you will need to trim around the rim into the center of the mold.  Cut the mold along the line you have drawn.  Repeat with side two of the mold.  Now you are ready to begin molding.

>Melt your Merckens wafers in a plastic microwave safe bowl on medium heat for 30 second intervals until smooth.  See basic melting instructions for more detail.
> Line-up the 2 sides of the mold using bulldog or stationary clamps.  If your mold has nodules make sure they are aligned when clamping.  This will give you a nice even seam.  Make sure the clamps are close together or the chocolate will ooze out of the mold.
>Pour the melted chocolate into the mold until it’s full.  Pour the chocolate back into your bowl of melted chocolate.  Use an angle edge spatula to help scrape the rim of the mold. You are making a thin layer.
>Place mold upright in the freezer.  Let set 2-3 minutes and remove.  Do not leave in the freezer too long or it will crack.
>Remove from freezer and let set at room temperature for about 5 minutes.
>Fill mold with chocolate again and pour out again.
>Place mold in the freezer again.  This time you will leave it in until the chocolate looks dried and pulled away from the mold.  As freezer temperatures vary, this may be from
3-10 minutes.
>Remove from freezer and take off the clamps.  Carefully unmold your perfect chocolate shell.
>Let stand at room temperature before filling and/or wrapping.
>Stand back and rake in the compliments!!!

Nervous???  Don’t be.  It’s only chocolate.  It can always be remelted

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