A Quick Lesson in Hollow Molding

Try your hand at a hollow bunny or champagne bottle.

>Cut all around the cavity of both pieces of your 3-dimensional mold.  Leave about 1/2” all the way around.  If your mold has line-up nodules do not cut them off.
>Pour melted chocolate (see basic melting instructions} into one half of mold until full.
>Place the other half on top of filled half, taking care to properly align the molds.  Use bulldog or stationary clamps to secure.  Make sure they are close together so the chocolate doesn’t ooze out.
>Rotate the mold all around until it appears all surfaces are coated.
>Place in the freezer with the narrowest end facing down.
>Chill 2-3 minutes and remove from freezer and rotate all around.  Place in the freezer with the opposite end facing down. 
>Continue rotating every2-3 minutes until the entire mold looks dried and pulled away form the mold.
>Remove clamps and carefully separate assembly.
>Let your chocolate set to room temperature before decorating and/or wrapping.

If your molded chocolate cracks/breaks…Don’t despair…Let it set to room temperature and remelt it and try again.

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