Registered Partnership And Cohabitation Agreements

A cohabitation agreement, all assets and debts are automatically separated. A registered partnership (or marriage) between two men is governed by different rules. If the father`s partner wishes to acquire paternity, he or she can do so through sworn insurance or adoption. In the Netherlands, registered partnerships are legally the same or similar to marriage, and differences between them have grown less and less in recent years. Less than 10 years ago, marriage could only take place between a man and a woman, and a registered partnership offered same-sex couples the opportunity to have legally recognized partnerships. But today, everyone can opt for both, or even for a cohabitation agreement. Homosexuals can marry, but they can also freely choose registered partnerships, and the same applies to opposite-sex couples. A cohabitation agreement gives you the freedom to find virtually every conceivable element that you want to add to such an agreement and that materialize in your relationship. If you want to organize much more than asset and cost allocation, then a registered partnership or wedding may be the best option. The civil notary Houtepen will discuss with you what you have agreed through your cohabitation contract. We will discuss your wishes in detail so that your life contract corresponds to both your current situation and your future situation. Make an appointment for an informal interview, without obligation.

Having children and a cohabitation contract If you have children together or if you have children from a previous relationship, these children are your rightful heirs. If you die, your children are immediately entitled to their legal share. Do you want to protect your partner or appoint your partner to a unique heritage? This is possible thanks to a notarial cohabitation agreement associated with a final will. If you live together without a registered partnership or married, the law does not provide for you. All assets and debts go to each partner`s accounts. In a cohabitation agreement, you set agreements between you and your partner. They organize expenses, assets and bank accounts that are common property and what is not shared. If a man and a woman who have a life agreement have a child, the woman is automatically the legitimate mother. Man must officially recognize fatherhood before being considered a legitimate father.

– But you can also end your relationship. How do you put in place a fair distribution of budgetary effects? You can arrange all of this in the cohabitation contract. No matter what you decide, it is always advisable to get information from a notary about the ins and outs of a cohabitation contract. In the Netherlands, partners can choose between two different forms of housing development, which are governed by law: they can marry or enter into a registered partnership.

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