Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement Canada

I don`t know where I saw it anymore (sorry if it was an email or comment I hadn`t replied to yet!), but someone recently asked if it was worth buying Ridgid power tools because of their lifetime service agreement, which means – if you register your tools correctly – free batteries, parts, and services. It`s worth it with Ridgid for the lifetime warranty. I bought their five-part power tool kits in 2004, and as long as you kept the receipt when you bought it, they were on all items. I had a problem with a battery that was immediately replaced for free. Even an internal part in the sawzall that broke about 3 years ago, and within a few days I had a new free sawzall in my hands. The drill and jackhammer, circular saw, saw, two batteries and dual battery charger were a great purchase and proved to be a commercial use for over a decade. I think the price was 400 for the whole package with a lifetime warranty and it still works very well. I am an owner/weekend warrior. I`m not a pro, or even a prosumer. I bought Ridgid for the blend of quality, price and (wait…) lifetime warranty. I don`t often use my Ridgid drill or percussion screwdriver, maybe once or twice a month. It gives me a bit of a mind that when the batteries start to rot or if the power tools themselves break down, I`m covered, no matter when it happens on the road.

I bought a Drill/Saw/Flashlight combo kit from Home Depot in 2003 because it had a lifetime warranty on all tools, including lifetime batteries. Everything was fine until I exchanged in 2012 my second set of batteries, guaranteed in 2008, when they were worn. They refused to guarantee the second set of batteries because they did not have a registration about it, although everything was done through their authorized service center. After complaining that there was no written obligation for me to keep documents of any kind than my initial purchase receipt, I was insulted on the phone for 45 minutes by a contemptuous woman with a sour mouth who withdrew my warranty and basically said I was a bad customer for the complaint. She admitted that Ridgid did not have detailed written guarantees for me and that they could be changed at any time. Ridgid said in essence that their lifetime warranty is worthless and that they deliberately mislead customers and respect random warranties. Their integrity is zero. I have donated all my Ridgid brand products and I will never buy from them again, or even use their tools. I don`t want to see his name, so I also avoid home depot, which didn`t help get my argument across. DON`T BUY ANYTHING RIDGID! One day, you regret. I recorded two R9000K combo kits in May 2016, and it`s painless. I`m as well covered as anyone else.

It`s the same for my first ridgid gene hole. You must record all the series in the set. You must enter the supporting information accurately. It`s simple…. AND THE TOOLS ARE SOLID AS A ROCK. The check-in is, but the battery change service is great. As with any other agreement/warranty/insurance, they know that only a certain percentage of people will jump through all the tires. If they didn`t have a process to emigrate people and your purchase was automatically recorded before leaving The Home Depot, they wouldn`t offer the LSA because it would cost too much. Ridgid`s lifetime warranty is a joke. I broke the handle of my ornaise saw recently.

I had registered the life warranty of the saw. I fired him because Ridgid stopped making the part that broke. In the belief that they would replace my saw, I sent them back to The Home Depot.

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