S3 Browser License Agreement

Amazon S3 is a popular cloud storage that is widespread worldwide. You can manage Amazon S3`s cloud storage in the web interface using a web browser. We explained the alternative methods of managing files stored in S3 buckets in the blog post about making Amazon S3 available as a cloud file-sharing reader, but in this blog post, the focus was on the online interface of ordering operating systems such as Linux, Windows and macOS. This blog explains how to manage Amazon S3 buckets and data stored in buckets using a tool using a graphical user interface (GUI) in Windows. In this blog post, I`ll go through the Amazon S3 browser and give an overview of its useful features. 10.3.1. “The license is included.” As part of the Services, you can use certain software (including associated documentation) described on the AWS website developed by Oracle America, Inc. or its affiliates (“Oracle”) and Oracle licensees (together Oracle software) and owned by the Aws website. If you opt for Oracle software and do not yet have an Oracle license for this Oracle software, Oracle and its licensees require you to accept these additional terms and conditions: 70.1.

The experts at AWS IQ (“Provider”) offer their services (“Provider Services”) as independent contractors and are not employees of you or us. AWS is not a part of the agreement between you and the suppliers for their service providers, is not responsible or responsible for supplier services and does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of service providers. In order to avoid any doubt, any certification received from a supplier on our part only certifies that the supplier has passed a test designed to assess the supplier`s competence and understanding for a specific service or area of knowledge to which this certification refers, and does not guarantee that supplier services will be performed at a certain level of quality. Speed or on your specific needs. 42.5. Other restrictions. Without limitation of the licensing restrictions in the agreement, you cannot (a) distribute Lumberyard materials as a source code, unless expressly permitted in section 42.2 (b) b) Lumberyard materials or parts to develop, maintain, participate or support them for competing engines, development tools or software frameworks. (c) to use Lumberyard materials or parts as part of a logo or trademark, (d) remove, conceal or modify the ownership references (including author and trademark references) contained in Lumberyard materials, (e) take steps that would require us or you would otherwise license, distribute or otherwise make Lumberyard materials available in other conditions (e.g.B. , in combination of lumberyard materials and software subject to open source “copyleft” or f licenses) to use or use Lumberyard materials or their parts, in any way or for purposes other than those expressly permitted by these conditions.

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