Slack Data Processing Agreement

The processor does not work itself. The subprocessors provided have implemented controls to ensure that personal data is available, protected from unauthorized evasion or destruction or loss. Details can be found in the DPAs of the subprocessors provided. Type of personal data: tasks titles and descriptions, due dates and task status, assignment of tasks to teams and users, task-related communication (text, schedules, emoticons reactions), usage analysis data. And there you have it! Everything you need to know about Slack RGPD. As data protection legislation is constantly evolving, we hope our advice will help you manage your organization`s data intelligently – it`s more important than ever. The subcontractor immediately informs the handler of any malfunction that threatens the personal data transmitted by the person in charge of the processing as well as any suspicion of a violation of the data protection relating to the personal data provided by the person in charge of the processing. The same applies when the subcontractor finds that its security measures do not comply with legal requirements. The subcontractor is aware that the person in charge of the processing is required to document all violations of the security of personal data and, if necessary, to inform the supervisory authority and/or the persons concerned. The subcontractor immediately reports the violations to the manager and provides at least the following information via their computer addendum: We also have standard contractual clauses with Slack regarding their data processing addendum.

Cloudflare offers content distribution, security and DNS services for web data traffic, which is transferred to and from Timetastic. It allows us to effectively manage web traffic and help protect the application from malicious activity. The main information Cloudflare has access to is the information contained in the URL of the Timetastic site with which the user interacts (including the end-user`s IP address). All information (including service data) contained in web traffic transferred to and from Timetastic is transmitted via cloudflare systems, but Cloudflare does not have access to this information. Similarly, the RGPD grants EU citizens the “right to be forgotten,” forcing organisations to delete personal data at their request. If you do not have any commercial or “legitimate” interests in the retention of personal data, you must delete it and never contact the person again. Slack currently provides a range of data management tools that help organisations comply with the RGPD: in addition to strengthening and standardising user data protection in EU countries, new or additional obligations are introduced for all organisations that process the personal data of EU citizens, wherever they may be.

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