West Virginia Land Purchase Agreement

Contract relating to the act “This is the form for establishing the instrument agreement contract between the seller and the buyer. This form allows the seller and buyer to choose specific requirements in terms of purchase price, interest and payment terms. The costs related to insurance and taxes may also be fixed for the seller or the buyer, at the latter`s choice, before the signing of the contract. As a rule, the buyer takes possession of the property after signing the contract for the purchase of the land. The buyer can stay there as long as he respects the contract and makes all payments to the seller. These two potential issues should be clearly addressed in any tempered purchase agreement in which the buyer “takes care of the payments”. Make sure of two things. Lead-based color disclosure (42 U.S. Code § 4852(d) – For residential properties built in 1978 or before, the agreement must indicate the potential for negative effects of lead-reinforced paint. The lawyer will determine who owns the property. Verification of the title confirms whether the seller is the sole owner of the property or whether there are other people who have any interest in the property. If this is the case, the buyer needs these people to sign the installment purchase agreement with the main seller.

Second, you can depend on the seller to “do the right thing.” Suppose the seller wants you to make your payment to them and say they will then make the payments to the bank. If you pay him every month, how do you know if he actually makes payments to the bank on time and in full? If he does NOT make the payments to the bank, when will you know – as soon as that happens, or long later? In the worst case, you may not know before the foreclosure sale, when the foreclosure buyer will come and tell you to get out of their property. The same can happen if the buyer has to make the payments to the bank. How and when does the seller know that payments were made correctly or not? General notice of default for the contract on an act » This is a general notice of default that can be used by the seller to inform the buyer of the default of payment. This form allows the Seller to inform the Buyer of the reason for the delay in the contract through the article, the performance required to remedy the delay and the remedy provided by the Seller in the event that the Buyer does not remedy the situation. Before signing the installment purchase agreement, the buyer must inspect the property. Make sure all systems and equipment are in good condition. If possible, the buyer should hire a professional or certified home inspector to perform a thorough inspection of the property. First, acknowledge that your rights as a buyer are “subject” to the higher and higher rights of the original lender, who already has a lien on the property. .

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