Do You Ebay?

Can’t find that elusive early edition Agatha Christie book?  Check out E-bay.

Looking for a chocolate making supply store?  Check out Chocolate Treasures.

We check out the prices of everything, everywhere we go.  We think it’s amazing that we can find something in a dollar store for less than we can buy it wholesale.  Conversely, everyday chocolate making items are much more expensive in your local supermarket than at Chocolate Treasures.

We love the local craft store for beads, baskets, fabric and such.  But when it comes to candy making supplies we have them beat…hands down.  The technical advice alone is priceless.  We have been in business over 26 years and still take classes to improve our skills.  If we don’t know the answer to your question, we certainly have the contacts to find the answers.

When you are comparison shopping don’t forget… When you shop with us there are no shipping and handling charges.  You also get the instant gratification of leaving with you purchase in hand from our extensive inventory.

So absolutely, click away and see what is available elsewhere.

Then Compare and Save at Chocolate Treasures

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